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Bryant Mitchell Historical Highlights

  • 1965: Charles Irving Bryant (1927-2005), Mel Mitchell’s mentor, had a vision for a new architectural firm that would defy established convention.

  • 1966: Bryant Mitchell began as Charles Irving Bryant Associates. Mel Mitchell, then a senior at Howard University,  was one of Mr. Bryant’s first employees.


  • 1970: Mr. Bryant’s younger brother, Robert (1930-1995), joined him to form Bryant & Bryant.

  • 1972: Bryant & Bryant landed the commission to design a new replacement high school building on the old, historic Dunbar Senior High School campus.

  • 1974: Bryant & Bryant landed the commission to design the major buildings of the University of the District of Columbia on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C.

  • 1975: Bryant & Bryant had grown into the largest African-American owned architectural firm in the nation.  With several million dollars in annual fee income, the firm made Black Enterprise’s inaugural list of the top 100 Black-owned businesses in the nation.

  • 1995: Bryant & Bryant suffered a devastation loss with the death of Robert Bryant.


  • 2004: Charles Bryant chartered a new course and mission to carry on he and his brother’s vision. Bryant recruited Mel Mitchell back into the firm, and the firm was reorganized as Bryant Mitchell.


  • 2005: Another devastating loss occurred with the death of Charles Bryant at the age of 77.  Mel Mitchell succeeded Mr. Bryant as president of the firm. He and long-time employees Chuck Bryant II, William Price, and Alton Green worked together to ensure that the firm would continue on the path set forth by Charles Bryant.


  • 2006: Bryant Mitchell entered into a strategic alliance with the Alexandria, VA office of Fanning Howey Architects, Inc.,  a national firm specializing in K-12 educational planning and design.


  • 2007- 2011: Bryant Mitchell transitioned from a conventional architectural firm to a well-rounded comprehensive services firm.


  • 2015: Having designed nearly 1,000 projects throughout the greater DC-Baltimore region, Bryant Mitchell is well known as a leading architectural firm with a demonstrated commitment to advancing our community through innovative planning and design.

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