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Metro Center Mixed Use Development

Associated architects to SOM Architects for the Oliver Carr Company on the design of the one million square feet mixed-use Metro Center Mixed Use Development. The project is comprised of the Hecht Company, the first new department store built in down DC since the 1940s, flanked by two high rise office buildings, and a flag ship Marriott Hotel. This project was completed in 1992.


"H" Street Center
Located on H Street between 8th and 10th streets in Washington, D.C. this project represents 40,000 square feet of new retail space. Surface parking was designed behind a screen wall in front of the stores. The shopping center was organized with an anchor store at one end and a bank at the other. In-fill retail space was designed in 16 foot modules to allow flexibility when leasing. Drive-in banking facilities were incorporated into the design of the center. The project also included a precinct police station. The architectural style of the project reflects the geometric fabric of the existing neighborhood and is characterized by elliptical arches and a signage motif highlighted in red. Design also includes interiors for the anchor store and the bank.
Washington Design Center

Working as associate architect to the Washington, DC firm Keyes, Condon & Florance, the firm developed plans for the recycling of an existing cold storage warehouse in Washington, D.C., and adding approximately 180,000 square feet of new space created the Washington Design Center. The 10-story sky-lit atrium is a focal point for the addition. Of the Design Center's new space, one-third of the facility provides designer exhibit space in a setting where architects, interior designers and others in the design professions may have access to the available market inventory under a single roof. The remainder of the space is used for offices. The Design Center is sited directly over the Federal Center SW Metro station, which makes the facility readily accessible. The project was developed by the Chicago Merchandise Mart Corporation and is the recipient of an American Institute of Architects' Achievement of Excellence in Architecture.

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